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fma_media_req's Journal

Fullmetal Alchemist Media Request
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This is the Fullmetal Alchemist Media Request community. If you're having troubles finding that one manga chapter, that one episode, that one MP3, then this is the place to come searching for it.


1. All posts must remain community-locked, just to be safe. The posts are locked by default to begin with, so this really shouldn't be much of a problem. Just don't be a little tool and go around unlocking your post just to be smart. [Some exceptions - please refer to rule #3.]

2. Take the time to search first. Don't come right here asking for stuff just because you're too lazy to go searching for it yourself. Take the two seconds to search Google, go back through the community posts to see if what you're looking for has already been requested and replied to. Look through the memories, and if it's not there, or the downloads you find are dead/expired, then make a post asking for help. We'll be more than happy to assist in that case.

3. At the moment, you are allowed to ask for fan-made stuff such as fanfiction, fanart, AMVs, and doujinshi. If there's that one specific fanfic that you read one and you loved it so much but you lost the link, sure, go ahead and ask. Maybe someone knows where to find it. In these instances, you are allowed to unlock your post, as almost everyone agrees that fanfics/art/etc. isn't illegal. However, if such requests get out of hand, I may have to revoke these priveleges. Fanworks are usually created to appease to a certain section of the fandom (due to the different pairings/genres/etc.), unlike canon works which generally everyone can enjoy. I don't want to be seeing ten thousand and two posts a day asking for Roy/Ed smut when only a fraction of the fandom is interested in that.

4. If you don't have a request but are feeling charitable and just want to share your collection of media stuff, then by all means, go ahead! You'll be a hero, I'm sure!!

Here is a list of things that are OKAY to ask for/share:
- Fullmetal Alchemist anime episodes (RAW/sub/dub)
- Fullmetal Alchemist manga chapters (RAW/scanlated)
- Fullmetal Alchemist MP3s
- Misc. Fullmetal Alchemist anime scans
- Misc. Fullmetal Alchemist manga scans
- Fan-made stuff (in sparse amounts - I don't want to see 60% of these posts asking for doujinshi) [some exceptions - please refer to the list below]

Here is a list of things that are NOT okay to ask for/share:
- Bluebird's Illusion
- Vic's fan videos/"Bratja" song
- Anything NOT Fullmetal Alchemist related (even if it's by Arakawa Hiromu - go to bos_taurus for that)

That's about it, and enjoy!

Apologies for the lame userinfo/layout at the moment, but I'll spiff it up eventually.