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I have a question about the movie, or rather, someone has asked me one.....

A while ago I had started to translate the movie for the bad cam version that appeared on the net last year. Someone beat me with a fansub so i stopped (As i was busy with school).

I have had a request to transcribe the entire script of the movie from someone and was wondering if it would be appreciated by more people if I do this. The movie will be out in English before long and there are subtitled versions up for download if you know where to look, so.... Please reply here if you would like me to transcribe it anyway. If I get enough replies I might even do it with the corresponding Japanese so everyone knows where they are at/can study from it. If I get none, then I won't waste my time (assignments!!!! O.o)

Thanks heaps. to my journal. All help appreciated. Cross posted to fma_media_req fm_alchemist

Inaugural post!!

Hello everyone, welcome! This is the Fullmetal Alchemist Media Request Community!! This is where you come to ask for help in finding the episodes/chapters/music/whatever that you are having troubles locate! Post a request, and surely at least one person will be more than happy to aide you.

But LOOK OVER THE RULES FIRST. Please. They are in the userinfo. I'm sure that's not too difficult for you guys to figure out.

Also, all posts are community-locked. Except this one. So if you're wondering where the heck all the posts are... well, they might be there. But you have to sign in and join the community in order to see them. 8D

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